Self taught, having picked up a paintbrush quite by a chance a few years ago, and realising she had both a passion and an affinity to painting, Judy Cobbe is now a full time artist working from her studio in Wicklow.

All of her work is of flowers painted in acrylic on canvass. They bring to life and suspend in time the image of a flowers, or group of flowers in their purest and most beautiful form, exaggerated and enlarged to gain full effect.

“Put a simple vase of flowers in a room and the feel and the energy in the room is instantly transformed, .... and that is the starting point of all my  work ...... I want to recreate that vibrancy , freshness and vitality  and put it permanantly on the wall ”

The result is her own very distinctive style with its intensity of colours, and sensuous velvety tones  that makes her work instantly recognisable, Her paintings now sit in collections both at home and International across Europe and America


Judy Cobbe